The Bali Clay Court Story (Steve Miller Tennis Court)

Prior to our clay court being available, tennis players in Bali have always faced hassles – only a few hotels have courts, mostly cement courts – and a couple clay courts, that are really much closer to ‘stone’ courts. And all of them expensive and many times difficult to book. In other words, as I said, a hassle. I got to Bali 30 years ago and along with the other players on the island ​endured the problems, but we love tennis and so put up with the inconveniences.About 20 years ago, an American named Steve Miller, who also arrived in Bali over 30 years ago, decided to do something about it and built his own private clay court on a piece of land adjacent to his house. His attitude from the word ‘go’ was to invite all tennis players to come and play for free. All were welcome.

"The court came into being because I got so pissed off at Intan Bali for not being able to make reservations when I wanted."                                                
                                                                                           Steve Miller

Every ex-pat on Bali feels the same way as I do: Steve’s court was built as well, if not better, than a  professional one. The court is  laid out beautifully; well maintained and has an atmosphere only tennis players can truly appreciate. There’s not a single player who doesn’t enjoy a good feeling when playing here. Sounds strange, but true.

BCCT welcomes any player who wants to enjoy a great clay court. 
See you soon!