BCCT Tennis ladder
To encourage Social Play, we are offering a y​ear-round tennis league for adult men and women in Bali who want to enjoy Tennis on a clay court. Hosted by Global Tennis Network.

With ladders for singles and doubles, this league offers you the opportunity to meet other players at your level and provides you flexibility on your schedule. You play as often as you want and whenever best suits you—you work it out with your fellow players! 

Our Tennis Ladder is offered in two divisons. Division 1 for playing level 5.0 to 6.0 and Divison 2 for playing level 3.5 to 4.5 
Every player is asked to judge his/her own playing levvel based on the Tennis's national rating system (US).

You find the Ladder Rules below on this page and also on the Invitation. Joining fee is only Rp. 150,000/year, which you pay with your first ladder match. Reduced court fee for ladder matches is Rp. 150,000/hour. Players are required to provide new tennis balls for each ladder match.

We send Invitations to sign-up to your registered e-mail. Please also check your Spam folder.
Or you can sign-up for the tennis ladder of your choice using the links below on this page

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us..



Top Network Points

1 Marco Saint Pierre 1650
2 Vik Nik 1210
3 Amahl Azwar 350
4 Cedric Le Rasle 320
5 Gilles Brignardello 200
6 Cristian Iacob 190
7 Jimmy Roland 100
8 Kevin McQuillan 90
8 Tanner Smith 90
10 Toll Temby 60
11 Willy Abdullah 30